Clevatech Boiler Lifter toolkit

The Clevatech Boiler Lifter toolkit includes:
Lifting tool; Boiler harness assembly; 2 x Boiler straps 25mm; Lifting bar assembly; 2 x Lifting bar height adjustment blocks; Drill socket adaptor; Boiler centre gauge; External wall plate for single storey buildings; Tool bag.

£675.00 (excl. VAT)

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The Clevatech Boiler Lifter toolkit comes with a handy tool bag and includes:
Operated by one person the Boiler Lifter is ideal for awkward installations in confined spaces. Clever technology utilises a standard core drilled flue hole, through a cavity wall, to securely lock the tool in place. A sliding arm extends to clear expensive work tops and other obstacles. Powered by a brushless drill, the Lifter makes quick and easy work of handling heavy boilers, just by squeezing the trigger. The tool takes the boilers weight, while the installer guides it safely and precisely onto the wall bracket.
The Clevatech Boiler Lifter can be used just as effectively to safely remove old and broken wall mounted gas boilers.

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Weight 17.4 kg
Dimensions 100 × 23 × 20 cm